19 May 2022

General Assembly 2022: bringing the voice of all committed companies

General Assembly 2022: bringing the voice of all committed companies

The annual General Assembly of the Impact France Movement met to share this important moment in our democratic life. On the agenda of this online meeting, a virtual reunion of the community, the approval of the 2021 activity report and a testimony from EDF, the largest company to have revealed its Impact Score. It will also be an opportunity to present the two major battles for 2022:  

  • The implementation of a major support plan for ecological and social innovation with the objective of creating positive impact unicorns within 5 years by offering these companies the possibility of growing like conventional start-ups  
  • Accelerate the ecological and social transformation of companies by breaking the vice premium. To discuss this, key members of the government will be invited to participate in the Summer Universities of the Economy of Tomorrow, which will be the starting point of this work, this year around the theme of Sobriety.

Looking back on the year 2021

During this General Assembly, our co-presidents, Eva Sadoun and Jean Moreau, as well as several members, reviewed the highlights of the past year. 6 Universities of the Economy of Tomorrow all over France (like in Marseille or Rennes), about thirty Masterclasses, mentoring and meetings of thematic communities, without forgetting the 3rd edition of the Summer Universities of the Economy of Tomorrow.

Download the activity report

It was also a year in which the Impact France Movement was able to bring together even more networks to form the leading federation of change agents. Many business leaders have also joined us, as has a Board of Directors enriched by the arrival of new directors.

The GA guest: EDF, the first major group to reveal its Impact Score

Carine de Boissezon, Impact Director at EDF, was the guest at this General Assembly. She talked about the Impact Score, which EDF has publicly revealed.

Carine de Boissezon, EDF Group Impact Director

Financial results only make sense if they are embedded in a consideration of their global and human impact. With humility and honesty, we must be able to look at our negative impacts in order to minimise them, but also commit to maximising our positive impacts.

Carine de Boissezon, EDF Impact Director

2022: heading towards sobriety!

After a strong period of advocacy around the presidential election with, in particular, the Manifesto of the Economy of Tomorrow, signed by more than 7,500 companies, the Impact France Movement is inviting French companies to converge towards more sober and resilient models.

To achieve this, we offer a complete agenda that will allow you to progress alongside the pioneering entrepreneurs of the Impact France Movement.

And to discuss it and bring the subject of sobriety into the political and economic debates, come to the Universités d'Eté de l'Economie de Demain, on August 30th in Paris!

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