25 February 2021

Presidential election: launch of the Manifesto of the Economy of Tomorrow

Presidential election: launch of the Manifesto of the Economy of Tomorrow

While the employers' organisations publish their usual demands on the occasion of the presidential elections, lowering production taxes for the MEDEF, lowering production taxes and contributions for the Industry, lowering the cost of labour for the CPME, this year, the committed employers intend to make themselves heard!

Meeting on 3 February at the Natural History Museum in Paris, entrepreneurs, managers and networks launched a Manifesto for the economy of tomorrow.

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Signed by more than 3,000 leaders in less than a week, this Manifesto calls on the presidential candidates to change the rules of the game of the economy!

Changing the rules of the game means changing the compass from looking at companies through financial indicators to looking at their impact. Are they inclusive? Do they promote democracy in the company? How do they share the wealth they create? How do they limit their carbon and ecological footprint?

This Manifesto is accompanied by 5 priorities for the economy of tomorrow, the 5 proposals of entrepreneurs committed to accelerating the ecological and social transition of the French economy:

  1. A new reading grid for the ecological and social performance of companies thanks to a social and ecological impact index
  2. Accelerate the commitment of French companies by creating a status of "impact companies".
  3. Social and ecological innovation supported in the same way as technological innovation
  4. Redirecting taxation, public aid and investment: towards ecological and social competitiveness
  5. Future-oriented sectors towards a sober and inclusive model

Scientists, entrepreneurs and citizens: a global mobilisation to change the rules of the game

After 1,400 scientists alerted the presidential candidates to the urgent need to move away from "speeches of inaction", it is now the turn of entrepreneurs to call for mobilisation for more social and ecological justice.

At the Manifesto launch event, Valérie Masson-Delmotte, co-chair of the IPCC, was present to remind us that companies hold part of the solutions, provided they do not give in to the greenwashing that "torpedoes confidence and makes real efforts meaningless".

Valérie Masson-Delmotte at the launch of the Manifesto for the Economy of Tomorrow

Abdelaali el Badaoui then recalled that the ecological transition cannot ignore inclusion and social justice:

"The ecological transition must be made with all populations, the climate issue has been taken hostage by the rich. The economy of tomorrow, the one we are writing today, is resolutely inclusive"
Abdelaali el Badaoui

To support their statements, the committed entrepreneurs have published the results of a Harris Interactive survey for the Impact France movement. It shows in particular that 75% of those questioned express distrust of the commitments made by companies; 67% of them believe that they cannot distinguish between companies that are truly responsible and those that are not, thus echoing the concerns of Valérie Masson-Delmotte.

While 59% of French people believe that companies must be encouraged or forced by the State to initiate and complete a real transition, 87% of them are in favour of an Impact Index that would make it possible to identify and precisely situate companies' commitments. Find the results of the survey and the press release of the Impact France Movement.

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