19 May 2022

EDF, the first major group to publish its Impact Score and to commit to a transparent improvement process

EDF, the first major group to publish its Impact Score and to commit to a transparent improvement process

EDF, a driving force

As Europe's leading electricity producer and supplier, EDF is a major CAC40 ESG group with a historical commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. More recently, EDF became the first listed group to publish an Impact Report in 2021 to explain its strategy on the pillars of the Impact company.

Today, EDF is publishing its Impact Score, the benchmark that allows us to map our impact on these 5 pillars at 360°:

  • Impact Strategy
  • Social Impact
  • Ecological externalities
  • Power sharing
  • Value sharing
Details of the Impact Score indicators

The EDF Impact Score, a benchmark for progress

Although EDF's Impact Score is now 68/100 (higher than the average score of companies that have already revealed their Impact Score, which is 55/100), this first measurement in 2022 will above all enable the group's Impact Department to set out a clear strategy for improvement and to be able to see how far it has come the following year.

Financial results only make sense if they are embedded in a consideration of their global and human impact. With humility and honesty, we must be able to look at our negative impacts in order to minimise them, but also commit to maximising our positive impacts.

Carine de Boissezon, EDF Impact Director
Carine de Boissezon, EDF Impact Director

On the different pillars of the Impact Score, EDF will be able to rely on its historical commitment to the SDGs such as gender equality, inclusion, preservation of biodiversity and reduction of CO2 emissions. These are all areas that are in line with the Group's raison d' être and that allow it to remain a pioneer among major French and European companies.

EDF, the driving force behind the transformation of large companies?

By publishing its Impact Score, EDF intends to send a clear signal to other large French companies: transparency has become an imperative and relying on recognised, readable and comparable methodologies is more than ever a priority.

We also hope that our approach will pave the way for other major French groups to publish their impact score. At a time when the European Commission wants to standardise ESG reporting to allow for better comparability between companies, it is important to rely on benchmarks such as the Impact Score

Eliza Mahdavy, Head of ESG Performance

The work between the Impact France Movement and EDF is therefore continuing in order to bring together a shared vision of Impact at national and European level.

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