20 January 2022

#ROADTO2022 Meeting of the Territories and Housing community

#ROADTO2022 Meeting of the Territories and Housing community

Urban exodus, housing crisis, energy transition, new mobility, decarbonisation of our lifestyles... How can we support our cities, our transport or our energy production towards a development model that is in line with the objectives of carbon neutrality and social inclusion? The question of the development of our territories has never been so crucial, and requires solutions that are equal to the challenges.  

For months the Territoires et Logement community has been exchanging proposals to accelerate these transformations. To discuss and finalise them together, the first big meeting of the community took place on Thursday 2 January at 18:00.  

On the programme, a first debate: "From the smart-city to the low-carbon city for all, how to build living territories?

Relive the exchanges:

On the eve of the Presidential elections, the ambassadors of the Territoires et Logement community have presented their proposals!

The community's proposals
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