25 February 2022

Presidential election: our sectoral proposals to transform the economy

Presidential election: our sectoral proposals to transform the economy

Following on from the first meetings of the thematic communities , which have already brought together more than 400 entrepreneurs, the ambassadors have unveiled the proposals of the entrepreneurs committed to 2022.

Tech For Good

At a time when many responsible uses are emerging, the ambassadors of the Tech For Good France community asked themselves how to develop a digital environment that reduces inequalities and allows the advent of a more inclusive society? How can we rethink our technological innovations at a time of climate change?

On 25 January, at the Great Community Meeting, we unveiled our proposals to accelerate the greening of tech. Watch the replay of the discussions.

In the presence of more than 200 entrepreneurs, the ambassadors of the Tech for Good France community presented the proposals that we will carry forward into 2022.

The Tech for Good proposals
The ambassadors of the Tech For Good France community

Education & Employment

Facing the entrepreneurs of the Education & Employment community, Myriam El Khomri and Vinciane Martin (The Shift Project) discussed the theme: "New jobs, new skills: how the transition is disrupting the world of work and education".

The Community Ambassadors then unveiled the sectoral proposals for 2022 .

The Education & Employment proposals
Ambassadors of the Education & Employment community

Territories & Housing

How can we support our cities, our transport and our energy production towards a development model that is in line with the objectives of carbon neutrality and social inclusion? The question of planning our territories has never been so crucial, and requires solutions that are equal to the challenges. Access the replay.

The ambassadors then unveiled the community's proposals for the presidential election.

The Territories & Housing proposals
The ambassadors of the Territoires & Logement community


Can finance be our friend? What action plan for impact finance? The ambassadors of the Finance community organised a conference at the Morning Coworking in Paris Concorde. Following the launch of the Manifesto for the Economy of Tomorrow, committed entrepreneurs and leaders unveil their proposals to put finance back at the service of an impact economy. Access the replay.

The Finance proposals
Ambassadors of the Finance Community


Production and consumption choices have a major social and environmental impact, and these proposals aim to respond to the preservation of our ecosystems and the social challenges of our time while ensuring economic resilience.

Consumer proposals
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