17 February 2022

#RoadTo2022 Finance community meeting

#RoadTo2022 Finance community meeting

The transformation of the economy will not take place without a radical change in the rules of conventional finance to address ecological and social imperatives. Impact finance, the pilot fish of this transformation, is opening the way to change the rules of the game of finance. This change of direction must be encouraged by the public authorities, on the one hand by distinguishing between the different ways of doing finance and on the other hand by clarifying the impact of investments for savers and finance professionals who will be led to bear the cost of the transition by moving away from purely economic logic and by integrating the cost of the transition.

To discuss this and present its proposals on the eve of the presidential election, the Finance community of the Impact France Movement organised a first meeting at the Morning Coworking in Concorde.

The programme will include a debate "Can finance be our friend? Action plan for impact finance" and the presentation of the Community's proposals.

The community's proposals
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