August 31, 2022

What will be the next 10 sober unicorns?

What will be the next 10 sober unicorns?

Is a Sober Unicorn possible?

For several months, the Impact France Movement and the Tech for Good France community have been thinking about a new model for successful businesses. If the Unicorn is still the dream of many startups, thinking of success in terms of financial value alone is the opposite of the transformation of companies to integrate the climate and social emergency at their core.

From this work, conducted with BCG, came the first major study on the obstacles to the development of the impact economy, unveiled at ChangeNOW last May, from which we learned that impact companies need a denser ecosystem of support, guidance and public and private funding, as well as proactive public policies to recognize the social and ecological value they create.

In this context, the Impact Unicorn, or its Sober Unicorn version for companies that accompany towards sobriety, is therefore a company whose core activity allows the creation of social and ecological value and therefore avoids further expenditure by the public authorities.

Presentation of the 10 future Sober Unicorns

The 10 future Sober Unicorns to follow

TeleCoop France Marion Graeffly | Rift Léo Garnier | Thomas Arnaudo | InovaYa khaled Al Mezayen | Fifteen Amira Haberah | Le Drive tout nu Salomé Géraud (Nicaise) | May Cécilia Creuzet | Murfy Guy Pezaku | wetradelocal.iso Hortense Harang | CASTALIE Thibault Lamarque

At the Summer University of the Economy of Tomorrow, Mélanie Marcel and Théo Alves Da Costa unveiled the 10 future Sober Unicorns in the presence of Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications.

Jean-Noël Barrot at #EUED2022

If for the Minister "The green unicorns wanted by Emmanuel Macron will be sober unicorns that will accompany all companies and the economic fabric in their approach to sobriety," the presentation of these Sober Unicorns aims to accelerate the dynamics of impact companies and deepen the reflection on the success of companies and the concept of value.

Watch the unveiling of the 10 future sober unicorns in replay :

Also find the 3 unicorns with impact in Occitania: MagicPallet, Ecomatelas and Railcoop.

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