October 17, 2022

MagicPallet, a unicorn with impact? Objective 1 billion kilometers avoided

MagicPallet, a unicorn with impact? Objective 1 billion kilometers avoided

At the Universités de l'Economie de Demain in Montpellier, 3 future impact unicorns were unveiled: 3 companies from Occitania spearheading the economy of tomorrow. The Tech for Good France community's goal is to help impact nuggets emerge throughout France. This approach is accompanied by a vast study conducted with BCG to identify and accelerate these impact unicorns.

Discover the portrait and the testimony of Wissam Mimouni and MagicPallet.

Introduce us MagicPallet ?

Manufacturers, distributors, transporters and logisticians use reusable packaging to deliver and store goods.

MagicPallet is a SaaS application aimed at these supply-chain players. It combines a management tool to facilitate the tracking of packaging and a relocation platform to optimize their empty transport. Instead of repatriating empty packaging over hundreds of kilometers, our users exchange them on our platform. Our intelligent algorithm identifies the ideal exchange by connecting two users with opposite flows and complementary needs.  

By drastically reducing the distances travelled for the transport of empty packaging, our users reduce their transport costs and associated CO2 emissions.  

What is your impact?

Our raison d'être is to reduce CO2 emissions linked to the transport of empty packaging, in particular European pallets, the most widely used industrial medium in the world. Today, it takes an average of 600 kilometers to transport pallets between different sites of a company. With MagicPallet, the distance is reduced to an average of 25 kilometers thanks to the pooling of stocks. This is not only an ecological gain for us, but also an economic gain for our customers, who save a lot of money on logistics and transport costs.  

Our development challenges are to cover the entire European territory by the end of 2023 and to expand our relocation platform to other industrial supports than the European pallet.  

Wissam Mimouni at #UED2022 in Montpellier

How do you define sobriety?

Our approach to sobriety is to refocus economic activity on higher value-added tasks. By improving packaging returns, we allow all players to focus on their core business.

The sobriety that we propose is based on mutualization, partnership and collaboration that allows everyone to save internal costs and also to control the impact of their activity on the environment.

Sobriety means bringing together all the players in a sector to think together about how to make the common good a lever for economic and ecological resilience.  


The impact unicorn, does it speak to you?

Of course, companies must be valued according to their contribution to the common good. Financial valuation remains one of the indicators, but should not be an end in itself, especially since this money must be reinvested to increase the company's impact.  


Is Magicpallet the next impact unicorn?  

Contributing to the sobriety of the economy is part of our identity, but our ambition is not to become a unicorn according to the sole criterion of financial valuation.

Our main ambition is to work on the metric of the number of kilometers not driven, and therefore the volume of GHG emissions not emitted into the atmosphere. On this criterion, we dream of becoming a unicorn!

A message to entrepreneurs and political leaders?

A key word that has guided us a lot at MagicPallet is perseverance, tenacity. We had to change the practices of an entire sector: our value proposition is very different from what exists on the market today and we had to convince competitors to work together, to cooperate, which required a lot of tenacity.  

Another advice I could share would be to have simple metrics, to focus your KPIs on the essentials to clarify your activity and federate around your project.  

At the political level, we must absolutely change the framework of what we value: do we continue to give examples of companies that do not contribute to the general interest and sometimes even aggravate the crises, or do we collectively give ourselves the means to bring about a new economy?

MagicPallet at #UED2022 in Montpellier:

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