18 March 2022

What a manager says: "At Simpliciti, variable pay depends on the Impact Score".

What a manager says: "At Simpliciti, variable pay depends on the Impact Score".

The Impact Score: the benchmark for mapping your impact

At the Universités de l'Economie de Demain in Marseille, which brought together more than 800 leaders to increase the voice of entrepreneurs engaged in the final stretch of the presidential campaign, leaders were able to put their words into action by revealing their Impact Score.  

What is it about? While the first proposal of the Manifesto for the Economy of Tomorrow is the creation of an Impact Index, based on the model of the professional equality index, more than 1,000 entrepreneurs have already demonstrated the proof of concept by revealing their Impact Score.  

This reference framework of 20 indicators on the 4 pillars of the impact enterprise (social impact, ecological impact, value sharing, power sharing) has been worked on by more than 30 business networks, from traditional SSE (ESS France, Scop, Labo de l'ESS) to sectoral or specialised networks (UNEA, Synabio, Fair Trade France) to networks of committed businesses (B-Corp, CJD, Communauté des entreprises à mission)...

While the Impact Score aims to provide a 360° map of an organisation's impact, whatever its sector or size, and to draw up an action plan for continuous progress, other managers have integrated the tool into the heart of their strategy. This is the case of Maxime Bérard, who runs Simpliciti.  

For Simpliciti, a tool adapted to go further than CSR

Simpliciti is a company based in Avignon with over a hundred employees working to use technology to support territories in their transition towards virtuous models that promote the circular economy and the reduction of waste, as well as models of soft and optimised mobility; all the while making the citizens actors in this transition!

Its director, Maxime Bérard, decided to reveal his Impact Score in order to situate his company on broader indicators than those of his existing CSR strategy. The results: a score of 69, but above all clear avenues for improvement:

"By filling in the questionnaire, I became aware of the blind spots in my impact strategy, I now know where my margins for improvement lie, I had not, for example, identified the recruitment of employees from the QPV as a lever for inclusion or the importance of certain labels and certifications to strengthen the approach.

The results by pillar revealed the approaches worked on and achieved on the sharing of power and value, two issues in which Maxime Bérard is particularly involved.  

Concrete levers for collective progress

With regard to the sharing of value, variable remuneration has been introduced for all employees. It is indexed to the achievement of individual objectives, but also to company objectives such as turnover or customer satisfaction. This allows all employees to share in the company's common objectives.  

After revealing his Impact Score and sharing the results with his team, a joint decision was taken: to integrate a target for improving Simpliciti's Impact Score into the variable pay!

What is the objective of this approach? To enable each employee to fully integrate Simpliciti's impact approach at their level and thus share Maxime Bérard's vision of using the company as a tool for ecological and social transition.  

"By indexing variable remuneration to progress in the Impact Score, we will allow each employee to become an ambassador of our impact, awareness and improvement does not only depend on the managers but on all stakeholders, now it's time for action!"
At Simpliciti, we regularly monitor the company's impact performance as a team.

After the Impact Score, it's time for action!  

The teams will work together to dissect Simplicti's Impact Score in a transparent manner and draw up a roadmap to achieve the objective of a 10-point improvement in one year.  

On the social impact pillar, the next actions already seem to be taking shape with a recruitment policy that would integrate new, more inclusive criteria and a structuring of the CSR action in the organisation chart.  

To accelerate the transition of its ecosystem of partners, clients and stakeholders, Maxime Bérard and his teams also want to enhance their Impact Score when responding to calls for tender.  

The choice of suppliers will also be further filtered with regard to proximity, sustainability and labelling criteria, another Impact Score indicator now integrated into the company's strategy!

Entrepreneurs, managers, you too can reveal your impact score and deploy a strategy to improve your impact!

Reveal your impact score!

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