November 8, 2022

The naked drive: the first zero waste drive and the next impact unicorn?

The naked drive: the first zero waste drive and the next impact unicorn?

During the Summer University of the Economy of Tomorrow, 10 future unicorns with impact were unveiled, 10 spearheads of the economy of tomorrow to accelerate and give an alternative to the success models of startups by proposing a new way of seeing the value created. What if, instead of the traditional criterion used for unicorns of a billion dollars in financial valuation, we thought about an alternative model where the value was the one created for society?

Discover the portrait and the testimony of Salomé Géraud from the Drive tout nu.

Introduce us to The Naked Drive

The Naked Drive is a Drive concept where you can shop online with all the products of mass consumption, but where you can only find local products, from a virtuous agriculture or production, organic or respecting quality standards and preservation of biodiversity, soils etc. All without disposable packaging: jars and canvas bags are made available to customers to form a circuit of reusable packaging that avoid the production of unnecessary packaging.

The naked drive, the 100% responsible 0 waste drive

What is your impact?

We have a precise control of the number of packages that we put on the market and that work in a closed circuit because they are reusable, so today there are 150,000 packages that are in circulation and that already avoid several million plastic or cardboard packages that are traditionally in circulation.

Our franchise system allows us to develop rapidly, we now have 7 stores under the banner Le Drive tout nu and we already have 50 openings planned by 2026! All these openings are in suburban areas to make responsible consumption accessible beyond the city center.

Salomé Géraud at #UEED2022

How do you define sobriety?

Sobriety for the Naked Drive is a global approach that we have been thinking about since the creation of our company and the franchise. It is a global vision, native, and not principles that we have applied to an economic model. It is also a search for a compromise between maximizing impact and seeking profit that allows us to achieve the right sobriety.

We still define sobriety in terms of less, in reality sobriety is more impact, more social justice, more climate justice!

Salomé Géraud at #UEED2022

The impact unicorn, does it speak to you?

I am convinced that it is through storytelling and new narratives that we will change our collective way of thinking about the economy and seeing companies. It's very interesting to turn away from the concept of unicorns, where we only consider the financial value of a company, to the global value that a company really produces. Local and non relocatable jobs, social value, ecological value, creating, reinforcing and irrigating networks of virtuous companies and subcontractors, that's the real value we create, it's high time it was taken into account in a holistic way!

Like Salomé, and already more than 15,000 entrepreneurs, join the Impact France Movement.

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