November 9, 2022

Mapping of Impact funders

Mapping of Impact funders

Presented exclusively at the Universités d'Eté de l'Economie de Demain, the mapping of Impact financiers from the Tech for Good France community of the Impact France Movement and FAIR (formerly Finansol) lists the entire ecosystem of Impact financiers.

More than 60 funds are listed on this map and can be identified according to the type of investment: dilutive, loan, crowdfunding, the investment phase and the ticket sought.

This mapping is a tool for all start-ups, companies or impact associations seeking to finance their project or their development by integrating into their capital or by calling upon financiers sharing the same values and taking into account the ecological and social impact as well as the financial return. It also brings together many funds and investors members of the Impact France Movement.

Thanks to the proximity between impact funds and investors and the Impact France Movement, we have organised more than 2,500 financing meetings since 2016 and the launch of the Impact Investing Tour. It is now during the Universités de l'Economie de Demain that project holders can meet and exchange during financing meetings.

Are you an impact funder and not listed on our map? Please contact us!

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