Frequently asked questions

What are your activities?

Our ambition is to become the largest federation of actors of change, the ecological and social alternative to the MEDEF. To achieve this, we are structured in 3 activities:  

- Federating : building THE coalition to represent the interests of committed leaders

- Influencing : changing the norms of the economy by working with the Government and all elected officials, from the National Assembly to local, municipal and regional officials

- Moving forward: to scale up while maintaining our values and remain pioneers, masterclasses, mentoring and peer-to-peer exchange

The network

What are the major achievements of the Impact France Movement so far?

The Impact France Movement is at the origin of the ESUS (Social Utility Solidarity Company) approval, which is part of the 2014 law on the social and solidarity economy.

We organise Universities of the Economy of Tomorrow, bringing together more than 2,500 committed leaders each year. We have facilitated more than 5,000 business meetings and we have just launched the Impact Score, the first tool that allows you to easily evaluate the social and ecological impact of your company. And many other actions to discover!

The actions

What is your advocacy work?

The Impact France Movement works to defend the interests of committed leaders and to bring their voice to elected officials and institutions. The subjects on which the movement is positioned are multiple and concern in particular taxation, ecology, solidarity, the circular economy, digital technology and professional equality.


How can I reach you?

To join the Movement, you must first apply by filling in the following form which will allow us to associate you with a college (in particular "company with social and ecological impact" and "company in transition"). You will be informed of the status of your application by e-mail within 3 working days. You will then just have to follow the procedure indicated to pay your annual membership fee and take your first steps within the network.


What do you mean by "non-partisan network"?

One of our objectives for the past 10 years has been to change the norms of the economy by working with local and national elected officials and political representatives on concrete proposals. To this end, we interact with all political movements to represent the interests of committed leaders, without party affiliation or positioning ourselves in fields other than the economy.

The network

Why should my organisation join the Impact France Movement?

By joining the Impact France Movement, you join a community of committed entrepreneurs and leaders, determined to grow together (through our events, masterclasses, meetings throughout France) and to grow the positive impact economy to change the norm, together. It's also the opportunity to build business relationships with other committed actors, while making your voice heard by political and economic decision-makers through advocacy actions.


How can I contribute?

Each member can join the movement's reflections and propose actions and positions as long as they reflect the values shared by the committed leaders. Members can also participate in working groups on different advocacy issues in view of the examination of a law, or in view of electoral deadlines.


What are the eligibility criteria?

The Movement is divided into 4 colleges of members: social and ecological impact enterprises, enterprises in transition, impact financiers and incubators.

Each of these colleges is associated with different criteria, which can be found here.


Which companies are already members?

SAS, SARL, SCOP, SCIC, mutuals, associations, business networks, incubators, impact funders, foundations,... our members represent the entire French economic fabric, impact and transition organisations. Find the complete list of our members.

The network

What events do you organise?

We organise the Universities of the Economy of Tomorrow in Paris, Lyon, Nancy, Dijon, Montpellier and also more than 30 digital meetings per year around masterclasses and political meetings.

The actions

What is the Impact Score? And what is it for?

The Impact Score is a benchmark that allows any company to reveal its social and ecological impact thanks to a score out of 100. Built by the Impact France Movement, 30 networks and 1500 company managers, it is a common and unique questionnaire.

You too can evaluate your Impact Score.


How is my membership fee used?

Your membership fee is the guarantee of our independence, which allows us to represent you independently of any pressure from the political agenda.

For a fictitious membership fee of 100€, 20€ are dedicated to the development of Masterclasses to allow our members and leaders to progress on their impact and their entrepreneurial posture as well as to the deployment of our advocacy actions, 35€ are dedicated to the organisation of events all over France, from the Universités d'Eté de l'Economie de Demain to meetings between members and 45€ are used to finance the functioning of the Impact France Movement and the team.


Is the Tech for Good France community part of your network?

The Impact France Movement was born from the merger between the Movement of Social Entrepreneurs (Mouves) and Tech for Good France.

The Tech for Good community is now the pilot community of the 6 communities of the movement(to discover here). It gathers entrepreneurs and leaders who develop tech and digital solutions to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable and responsible society.

The network

I have associates, and they are interested in joining you, will they have to pay the membership fee too?

The fee is paid in the name of a structure, so all managing partners can benefit from our service without paying an additional fee. It is possible to enter the details of your partners via a personalised link which is sent to you by e-mail.

Note: the Impact France Movement is a movement of managers and entrepreneurs, non-managerial employees are not allowed to join.


What are the membership fees?

The membership fee depends on your budget or turnover for the past year. You can find our scale here.


My company has several subsidiaries, do I have to pay the contribution for each of my subsidiaries?

A single membership fee is sufficient for all your branches to join our movement. However, they must also apply by entering a code that we will send you beforehand.


If I join the Movement, do I join on my own behalf or on behalf of my company?

A membership commits your company, which is represented by a natural person who is one of its directors.


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