May 20, 2024

European elections: deciphering the candidates' economic programs

European elections: deciphering the candidates' economic programs

The entrepreneurs and committed leaders of Mouvement Impact France offer you their analysis of the economic programs of the candidates in the European elections, based on the proposals set out in the manifesto of the Business for a Better Tomorrow coalition.  

On the eve of the June 9 elections, what are the candidates' proposals for building the European economy of tomorrow, encouraging businesses to make ecological and social changes, protecting European industries and businesses, financing the transition, supporting the development of impact businesses and restoring European competitiveness?

Valérie Hayer - Besoin d'Europe list

The presidential majority list aims to make Europe a "continent of production" to secure its position as the world's second-largest economic power. To achieve this, the program focuses on growth, production and innovation, with the implementation of a massive public and private investment plan(Plan Europe 2030) to develop "European-style ecology".

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Léon Deffontaines - French Communist Party list

The French Communist Party wants to tackle "the domination of capital over the EU" to build a Europe "at the service of social progress, the fight against climate change, democracy and peace". The program put forward by Léon Deffontaines' list is based on giving priority to employees in the workplace, implementing a reindustrialization plan backed by measures to protect European production, and supporting the social economy (excluding commercial companies). 

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Jordan Bardella - Rassemblement National list

Transforming the economy to meet the climate and social challenge is not a major focus of the Rassemblement National's program. On the economic front, priority is given instead to cutting red tape for French businesses, repealing a large part of the Green Pact, and national and European preference ("economic patriotism") to combat unfair intra- and extra-European competition.

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Marie Toussaint - List of Ecologists

The ecological and social transformation of the economy is a key focus of the Ecologists' list, which proposes to "move from an economy that destroys (our health and ecosystems) to an economy that repairs (the environment and social cohesion)". The Ecologists' program also calls for a massive investment plan of at least €260 billion a year to finance the implementation of a new model of social and environmental protection based on solidarity, "the European ecological welfare state".

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Manon Aubry - France Insoumise list

France Insoumise proposes a massive public investment plan to fight poverty, plan the ecological transition and restore public services. The program also calls for "national and European protectionism" to support this "ecological and social bifurcation".

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Marion Maréchal - Reconquest List

Transforming the economy to meet the climate and social challenge is not a major focus of the Reconquest program, which proposes to "liberate the European economy". On the economic front, priority is given instead to cutting red tape for French companies, repealing the Green Pact and promoting national and European preference to combat unfair competition within and outside Europe.

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Raphaël Glucksmann - Réveiller l'Europe list

The joint list of the Parti Socialiste and Place Publique aims to "transform Europe into a true ecological and political power". On the economic front, the program 's priorities include a more responsible trade policy to protect European businesses, a strategy to reindustrialize the continent, and the advent of ecological planning as a major vector of EU policies. 

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François-Xavier Bellamy - Republican List

Transforming the economy to meet the climate and social challenge is not a major thrust of the Republicans' program, which considers that the urgent need now is to encourage other powers to follow the European model and reduce their emissions. On the economic front, François-Xavier Bellamy's list favors reducing European standards, granting greater freedom to businesses, supporting technological solutions to lead the transition and implementing economic protectionism to combat unfair competition from outside Europe.

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