August 31, 2022

Committed entrepreneurs answer Elisabeth Borne's call

Committed entrepreneurs answer Elisabeth Borne's call

While Elisabeth Borne called on August 30 for a general mobilization of companies and economic actors for a sober economy, we collectively responded to her during the Summer University of the Economy of Tomorrow!

Together we have defined a roadmap, presented to the 7 Ministers present at the UEED and containing the 10 proposals to the Government for sobriety.

Sobriety, not only to pass the winter!

First observation, sobriety is not a punctual answer to the energy and inflationary crisis that we know but a global solution, not only on the energy level, to the ecological and social stakes. On the contrary, sobriety is a perennial and global answer which would allow to integrate the planetary limits to economic activities.

As Jean-Marc Jancovici reminded us at the opening of the Summer School of the Economy of Tomorrow, in a world of finite resources and outdated planetary limits, the reduction of physical and economic flows is a necessity: sobriety is not an option, it is a mandatory path.

Jean-Marc Jancovici at #UEED2022

10 proposals to the Government to build the economy of sobriety

After months of hard work, the entrepreneurs of the Impact France Movement took advantage of the presence of Ministers and leaders at the UEED to challenge their 10 proposals to the Government.

The 10 proposals

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