5 July 2022

Sobriety & Tech, enemy sisters?

Sobriety & Tech, enemy sisters?

"Tech will be sober or it won't be"

After a first meeting on unicorns at Impact, the Tech for Good France community continues its work after addressing sobriety issues during its second Night Session at Station F on July 5, 2022.

As students from Polytechnique, Sciences Po, HEC and other schools have reminded us, solutions to ecological and social issues will not be found solely through technological innovation.

As an introduction to this event, Eva Sadoun, co-president of the Impact France Movement, recalled the libertarian and protest origins of the Tech ecosystem before its encounter with the stock market and the short-termist vision of financial markets. It is in this context that the actors of the Tech For Good are organizing themselves with the ambition to combine a solutionist and innovative approach while advocating sobriety in the very uses of their own services.

Around the round table, discussions revolved around the question of the social and environmental usefulness of innovations, the limits of financing models and the coherence of growth strategies when we place ourselves in a trajectory of sobriety.

Far from the false promises of miraculous innovations, the search for a more virtuous model and activities that directly serve the general interest have always been the driving force behind social and ecological innovation and must underpin all tech companies. 

If technology will not save us, what promises can Tech for Good still make?

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