February 1, 2024

Official launch of the Business for a Better Tomorrow coalition

Official launch of the Business for a Better Tomorrow coalition

On February 1, 2024 in Brussels, 16 European and national business networks representing almost 100,000 companies across Europe announced the official launch of the coalition Business for a Better Tomorrow for the 2024 European elections.

Business for a Better Tomorrow aims to make the voice of entrepreneurs committed to environmental and social transition heard during the 2024 election campaigns. At a time when the environmental progress achieved under the Green Deal is being called into question, the coalition is calling on Europe's political decision-makers not to abandon Europe's ecological ambitions, but to make them the spearhead of a new economic deal for Europe, one that is more sovereign, more sustainable and more equitable.

The launch event for the Business for a Better Tomorrow coalition in Brussels marked the beginning of this campaign. It brought together over 200 business decision-makers and political representatives in a variety of formats. During the evening, the coalition unveiled its manifesto entitled "Building an inclusive, fair and green economy for Europe".

The coalition's manifesto puts forward 22 concrete proposals to develop a more favorable regulatory framework for companies with a positive social and environmental impact, and to accelerate the transformation of the European economy.

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Over the coming months, the coalition's business networks will be contributing to public debate and raising awareness among candidates in the 2024 European elections through the recommendations set out in the manifesto to bring about an economy that meets the challenges of our time.

They are part of Business for a Better Tomorrow: Assobenefit (Italy), B.A.U.M e.V - Network of sustainable business (Germany), B Lab Europe (EU), Be-Impact (Belgium), Communauté des Entreprises à Mission (France), Ecopreneur.eu (EU), Entreprendre Vert (France), Eslider (Portugal), Euclid Network (EU), Kaya - Belgian Coalition of Ecopreneurs (Belgium), Lithuanian Social Business Association (Lithuania), Mouvement Impact France (France), SANNAS (Spain), Social Enterprise NL (Netherlands), Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia (Latvia), Ashoka (EU).

Philippe Zaouati, European spokesman for Mouvement Impact France: "Mouvement Impact France, which initiated the project, is delighted to be launching the Business for a Better Tomorrow coalition in the run-up to the forthcoming European elections. In the face of global warming, biodiversity loss and growing inequalities, our manifesto is a call to action, providing economic and political decision-makers with concrete resources and proposals to accelerate the necessary transformation of the economy."

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