April 12, 2022

Impact Score: a tool to reveal and measure your Impact

Impact Score: a tool to reveal and measure your Impact

What is the Impact Score?

TheImpact Score is a benchmark developed by more than 30 business networks committed to accelerating the ecological and social transformation of their members and the economy in general.

Based on the Professional Equality Index, it allows us to assess the degree of commitment to the pillars of the impact company: impact of the core business, coherence of the organizational model (power and value sharing) and limitation of negative externalities (social and environmental).

This general tool for assessing impact is intended for all companies, from SMEs to large groups, regardless of their sector of activity. It is a first step towards a more advanced and sector-based impact measurement. It allows companies to compare their efforts and is above all a tool for improving the impact of their company.

What does the Impact Score measure?

The Impact Score is a complete reference tool to map the impact of your organization at 360°, with numerous indicators associated with precise progress objectives to draw up an action plan to improve its impact.

Summary table of the core indicators of the Impact Score

What is the Impact Score used for?

TheImpact Score is a central tool that can be integrated at different levels of your strategy depending on your objectives and priorities.

With a view tocontinuous improvement, it is used to identify the weak points of the impact strategy. Thanks to the presence of intermediate objectives and targets, it allows for the identification of progress levels and the gradual opening of new areas of work, the progress of which can be observed from year to year thanks to the Impact Score.

As a communication tool, it allows all of your stakeholders to quickly identify your overall impact, as well as on the different pillars. Employees, suppliers and consumers can thus understand the real impact of your organization. Far from greenwashing and social-washing, the Impact Score is the only common reference tool for committed companies that gives a real and global vision of your impact and promotes all good organizational practices.

I reveal my Impact Score

For an "Impact Index

The Impact France Movement proposes the creation of an Impact Index whose proof of concept would be the Impact Score. Based on the model of the Professional Equality Index (known as the Pénicaud Index), this Impact Index would make it possible to really encourage the transformation dynamics of all French and European companies while supporting the most virtuous companies.

This Impact Index could, for example, facilitate access to public procurement for the most committed companies or even make public aid conditional on a year-on-year improvement in its impact.

2,000 companies have already supported this approach by revealing their Impact Score and showing that it is an opportunity for transformation, join the movement!

I reveal my Impact Score
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