11 April 2022

Business commitments: strong expectations from the French

Business commitments: strong expectations from the French

Last February, we conducted a Harris Interactive survey to find out what the French expect from companies in terms of social and environmental commitments. For more than 8 out of 10 French people, these are issues that companies should consider as a priority.  

A mistrust of the commitments made by companies

However, the survey reveals that there is a certain amount of mistrust regarding the sincerity of the social and ecological commitments made by companies: 75% of the French are distrustful of the commitments made by companies.

Difficulties in identifying the degree of commitment of companies

The French consider that it is difficult to distinguish between companies that are truly committed and those that are less so. Indeed, two thirds of them, 67%, find it difficult to recognise companies that have a real positive impact on the environment and/or society.  

A need for clarity: the French in favour of an Impact Index

On the whole, the French know little about the labels that exist to control and guarantee the commitment of companies today, which is why 87% of them say they are in favour of the creation of an Ecological and Social Impact Index capable of revealing the true commitment of companies.

Regulatory measures to transform the economy welcomed

The French are aware of the distortion of competition that exists between committed and less committed companies. 76% of them are convinced that the most voluntary companies are penalised by competition from less committed companies. They therefore have certain expectations of the State concerning the implementation of measures aimed at restoring a balance between companies.  

Indeed, 82% of the French are in favour of indexing the remuneration of managers and shareholders to the social and environmental performance of the company.  

And 59% believe that companies cannot force themselves to do so alone and need an injunction from the public authorities.  

The commitment of companies to environmental and social issues appears to be an important issue for the majority of French people. However, their mistrust of these commitments, and their poor knowledge of labels, lead to a desire to see things more clearly, particularly through the creation of a social and ecological impact index. The State also seems to have a role to play in the implementation of regulatory measures to transform companies.

In brief:

Find the Carenews infographic to summarize the main findings of this survey.

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