November 10, 2023

27 managers elected as new regional spokespersons for Mouvement Impact France

27 managers elected as new regional spokespersons for Mouvement Impact France

The election period for Impact France's regional ambassadors came to an end this Thursday, November 9, 2023. In the final weeks of voting, members of the movement were asked to decide on their regional representatives for the next two years.

The renewed Impact France Committee of Regions is composed as follows:

Guillaume Hérisson (Groupe ARES) and Mathilde Arnault (Le Moulin) for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Franck Vu Hong (Aepsilon), Delphine Chouvet (Les Valoristes) and Rémy Lagarrigue (Foncière ESSENTIEL_) for Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Marie El Guedj (Curiosity Club) and Simon Létourneau (Carbo) for Ile-de-France, Claire Bretton (Underdog) and Brieuc Saffré (Circulab) for Pays de la Loire, Nicolas Morby (Ethypik) and Pauline Trequesser (Collectif Cosme) for Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Fatima Riahi (Jardins de la Montagne Verte) and Jean-Baptiste Auer (Sfereno) for Grand Est and Maïka Nuti (Ulterïa) Marianne Warnery (Monts et terroirs), Jean Baptiste Plenard (Isovoo) for Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout (Under the pole) and Louis Lepioufle (Groupe CIB) for Bretagne, Pauline Beuzelin (Mijuin) and Pierre Paillereau (Citizens) for Normandie and Thomas Devineaux (Louis.design), Chloé Cohen (Les Halles de la Transition) and Anthony Lecossois (Boost) for Occitanie and Stéphanie Gateau (Handiroad) for Corsica.

This is an opportunity to salute former ambassadors, who have left a promising legacy, such as the official use of impact score by 2 local authorities in their economic aid policies for businesses, and more than 30 incubators, gas pedals and business networks trained in impact score.

Matthias Navarro, Director of Mouvement Impact France - The social and ecological impact economy is something we all practice on a daily basis, but it's our ambassadors who embody it, meeting, convincing and pollinating the representatives of the economy in the regions!

Alizée Lozac'hmeur, Director, Mouvement Impact France - To grow and bring about change at all levels, our movement needs to live day by day, on the ground. Everywhere in France, we have to go out and meet elected representatives, economic decision-makers and business leaders, and get our message across. And we - impact entrepreneurs - are in the best position to unite, embody and spread the word!

Pascal Demurger and Julia Faure, co-presidents of Mouvement Impact France - To lead the ecological and social transition of our economy, we need unifying leaders and spokespeople throughout France. By rallying local economic ecosystems and key political players and decision-makers around them, we'll make France the leading positive-impact economy!
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