January 18, 2024

2024: Carry your voice, louder and further!

2024: Carry your voice, louder and further!

"Dear members,

In this New Year, we would like to send you our warmest and most sincere wishes for 2024.

The year 2023 was a rich one for Impact France. It saw the birth of new ambitions, new political successes and new cooperative ventures. We renewed our regional ambassadors, made UEED 2023 a record edition in every respect, strengthened our position as a player in public debate on topical issues by working to reinforce the ambition of texts such as the Green Industry Bill or the Finance Bill for 2024. All these successes would not have been possible without your support and investment. 

But these initial victories alone will not be enough to meet the challenges we face. To act in the face of the economic, social and political tensions we are experiencing, the threat of withdrawal and the deterioration of our social cohesion, and the risk of a cut-price ecological ambition throughout Europe, we need to take our full share of responsibility to deviate from the trajectory we are on. We can do this by rallying even more people around our ideas, by promoting a new economic vision that offers solutions and hope. This new year should therefore be one of increasing our power throughout France, so that we can continue to grow and eventually become the employers' organization of the 21st century that our economy needs, one of development at the service of the general interest.

2024 will also be the year of a real European turning point for our movement, with the launch of the "Business for a Better Tomorrow" collective that we have built up alongside our EU counterparts. It will carry a strong and credible alternative business voice into the European elections, and then to Brussels to put our proposals on the European agenda. 

More determined than ever to meet these challenges alongside the Impact France team, we wish you all a successful year. May 2024 be marked by success and achievement within your companies, and may our commitment to an ecological and social economy continue to guide us towards a prosperous future for all.

 Thank you for your commitment and happy new year to all."

 Julia Faure and Pascal Demurger 

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